Company Profile


Founded: 2013

Owners: Laurus Foundation and Dr. Frank Yurasek


Areas of expertise: 
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Acutherapy, Aggressive Exercise Therapy, Chiropratic Care and Nutritional Support

Help Stop Veteran Suicide


The Healer Warrior program is a continuation of our Partners In Progress initiative to find those organizations that are pioneering, developing, or exploring the latest advancements in the field of health and healing for individuals with disabilities. 

Healer Warrior is a Veteran Family Self-care initiative modeled after the work of Dr. Frank Yurasek and his innovative treatments for Veterans with PTSD and TBI  through the AT EASE clinic which he established in 2010.

Keys to Success

The first key to the success of the Healer Warrior program is the commitment to treating the entire Veteran family as a unit. This approach has been remarkably successfull especially in helping Veterans with PTSD and their families begin to heal together from the invisible wounds of war.

Second, is the focus on Self-care. Veterans are taught how to take better care of themselves using a Korean hand therapy to relieve pain, and auricular therapy to relieve stress and anxiety. Once learned, these techniques can be used to treat family members and fellow veterans. Each veteran is asked to: Learn it, Do it, Teach it and Teach others to Teach it.

Dr. Frank Yurasek has compiled 28 years of experience in practicing Oriental Medicine and delivering highly effective patient outcome results through these methods.  . 

His passion and dedication to serving those who have served is the driving force behind the success of the Healer Warrior program.