2016 Veteran Stand Down - Chicago, IL
This Veteran was tested for high blood pressure , then treated by the Healer Warrior Team using acupressure to reduce his blood pressure. BP went from 185/108 to 162/99 in less than 5 minutes..

Help Stop 22 Veteran Suicides Each Day

Healer Warrior is committed to ending the silent epidemic of veteran suicide and to bringing the issue to the forefront of our nation's consciousness.  For generations, men and women returning from the horrors of war have found it difficult to find proper care and healing from these often-invisible wounds and the stigma they still carry.  An estimated 22 SUICIDES PER DAY are occurring among Veterans who are not finding solutions for the physical, emotional, and psychological scars of war nor the PTSD that adversely affects them and their families.​

Our Mission

The mission of the Healer Warrior Initiative is to create a Veterans self-care program teaching natural, non-invasive therapies for the treatment of Veterans, their families, and fellow Veterans to reduce physical, emotional, and mental pain in order to reduce the high number of Veteran suicides. 

The Healer Warrior Team was invited to the 2013 Stand Down in Chicago. We treated over 400 Veterans for pain during the day and a half event.  Here are just a few of the testimonies of Veterans who were treated for pain using acutherapy..


We make no distinction between physical, mental, emotional, or psychological injuries. Each requires a significant amount of healing of the body. And, that’s where we begin. Once a degree of physical healing begins, a person is in a much better position to address the psychological and emotional wounds of war.

Veteran Self Care

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